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I lost 2 of my young children in tragic accidents

posted Nov 18, 2014 03:57:34 by jag32772
Hi my name is Julie. I am 42 yrs. old. Six years ago my oldest son passed away at the age of 20. He suffered with depression and anxiety. He chose drugs as his coping mechanism. It eventually took his life. I was devastated. In Sept., 2014 my 18 year old son also felt her needed drugs to cope with his own problems and it aided in a tragic car accident which ended his life. Again, another devastation that I have to learn to live with. My question is how are these tragic events supposed to help me evolve in my shattered life? What life lesson is it that I'm to learn from loosing my gifts from God that were ripped away from me? Could the be a retribution for something I did in a past life? I now have two children left remaining, will I loose them too to learn some "life lesson" ? I just don't understand it when I hear the words "God has a plan for you". I never thought that I did anything that horrible in my life to deserve such turmoil. Maybe the answers are there for me to uncover myself but I hope someone can help me understand.
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