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Shelley White and Glen

posted Nov 15, 2014 04:27:27 by BrandonWilliam
and stripes

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BrandonWilliam said Nov 15, 2014 04:30:31
Shelley last lived in franklin, ma, usa age 42ish
glenn Larace Jr in or near ludlow, ma, usa age 25
stripes the cat ran away from home in franklin, ma, usa. age unknown, death unknown.
Sarah Grimshaw said Nov 20, 2014 22:42:49
Hi Brandon,
I actually knew Glenn, and we had a close relationship. I wanted to let you know that if you are open enough and trust your instincts you will receive signs from him,and he may have already tried. He has been visiting me shortly after his death, and still does. He has left more signs than I can name right now. I feel his presence, which always brings great comfort to me, as well as feeling his touch. This feels pretty cool; it's all tingly and electric like, but gentle. Ha, let me tell you a funny story; one morning I was alone in the kitchen drinking coffee, and farted really loud, and I thought "good thing no one was here to hear that..." Right after that thought I felt a tingling sensation stroking the top of my hand. Than in my mind comes this thought, "I heard thaat" I instantly burst out laughing; I can't hide a thing!
So he also likes to leave coins around with the date 1988, 2013, or some other year that holds significance. He also likes to plant visuals in my mind out of no where, as well as appearing in my dreams. I feel in my heart these are real signs. Please, just talk to him; he will hear you, and if you already do make sure your mind is open to receiving his answer. He is where he is supposed to be, and he is happy.
Well,I hope you start noticing some signs from him, and I hope I was helpful.
Good luck :)
BrandonWilliam said Nov 23, 2014 14:52:44
Wow that is awesome, thank you. I think I've felt him around.
Sarah Grimshaw said Nov 24, 2014 15:10:15
Your welcome, it was my pleasure; I'm just glad you didn't think I'm crazy lol
Anyway I forgot to mention a sign. keep your eyes open for anything dinosaur; that is like his calling card lol Also I feel he communicates through songs sometimes.
So how did you find your way here? I stumbled upon this page when I was hardcore looking for answers, and it has helped me so much. If you need help with anything, questions just ask ok?
Oh, could he be a sarcastic smart ass? lol I saw a little bit of that when I was with him, but mostly he was just a big sweetie on his best behavior. I sure miss him a lot
BrandonWilliam said Nov 28, 2014 03:58:04
I started doing a shit ton of spiritual research this past summer after reading many lives many masters and a book about near death experiences. I kinda stumbled on this along the way and the info here matches my other research.

I only got to meet Glenn once, I mostly knew his music which inspired me a lot and still does.
Sarah Grimshaw said Dec 02, 2014 14:05:11
Oh, ok; I remembered seeing your name on his facebook, so I thought you were friends! I'm sorry, that's why I was trying to help you receive contact. Im glad you enjoy his music so much, I'm sure it makes him feel good. The only music of his that I have heard is on soundcloud under OT Damn and pennykey (which only has three songs). Is there more out there, because I would love to hear more of his music. I'm still super bummed that his blog was taken down; our last conversations were on there :( Well at least I got to read his last writing, with my name in it.
It's a shame you weren't able to get to know Glenn; he was a great person,sweet, funny and so much fun.
BrandonWilliam said Dec 04, 2014 20:59:58
Oh don't worry, I seek his precence and I believe I have had it. As for music he also had a project called orange cat blu bandana. Real shame the blog g is down.
BrandonWilliam said Dec 04, 2014 21:05:56
One bit of his writing where he reviewed a song we both didn't like lol.
Sarah Grimshaw said Dec 07, 2014 02:07:19
Oh ya, I remember reading that song review awhile back, I had forgotten about it. You know the song Bean? What do you think it's about? I have my ideas, but I'd like your interpretation of it; that one is my favorite.
So you think you had his presence? That's cool, whAt happened?
Oh, one more thing; any idea who I am? lol just curious if you know.
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Sarah Grimshaw said Nov 20, 2016 15:37:26
I don't know if anyone will see this, but I wanted to share it somewhere.
Glenn leaves me signs all the time, everyday pretty much, to let me know he is visiting. Here are some pictures of signs, that I don't think could get anymore obvious! lol He leaves the letter G in random places, and honestly I have no clue how the letters were formed in these pics, but it's still pretty cool.
If you want to ask him questions put out your hands, palm up.
One hand is yes, the other No; he will create a sensation in the appropriate hand to answer yes or no. It works for me, but it's not his favorite way of communicating; anyhow give it a try.

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