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Our Eric

posted Nov 15, 2014 18:57:12 by MarinaChalikyan
I feel like it is a sign from above that I stumbled upon your book when I was trying to find solice in time of darkness. A few weeks ago we lost our beloved Eric, my nephew of nineteen years. The news of his passing is still like a nightmare that won't go away. There are so many unanswered questions, that I even spent hours online researching about time travel to go back in time and save our boy. Eric was not only my nephew, but like a son to me. His kind hearted soul brightened anyone whenever he graced us with his presence. My heart is acing thinking that I will not be able so see or speak to him ever again. When I was ordering books to read about the afterlife and make some sense of where he might be, I came across your book and as I read along, I realized how similar you are to our Eric and immediately ordered the book and couldn't put it down the day I got it. I would so much like for you to help us communicate with our Eric and get an understanding of where he is and how he is... We all love and miss him him sooo much, it hurts. My poor sister is still going through the guilt stage of grieving and couldn't get past it because she can't comprehend the tragic event. Losing a loved one unexpectedly leaves an enormous hole in the heart that could take years to heal. Please help us reconnect with our Eric!
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