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Brother Ctormy, Drowned in CO river, never found. Missing since March 31 2014 :(

posted Nov 13, 2014 00:37:38 by JenniferSchroeder
My Brother Ctormy, 23 years old, was on a raft in the CO river(Grand Junction CO) when the raft carrying him, his girlfriend and friend, hit the pillar of the bridge and flipped over. His girl friend and friend made it out of the fridged water just in time as My brother was swept away and went under. He has not been seen since. I have prayed and asked for anything that he is ok and I havent gotten anything. I have a hightened sence of awareness so I would have known.. I guess.... It has been nearly 6 months. The state has given up on the recovery, because he is presumed dead. So we are kind of at a loss with this. Not having that real closure. It would be really great to just know what really happened. Where is he? Is he still alove somewhere with amnesia? Most of us have accepted that he is gone, but there is this question hanging over all of our heads because his body was never found. There is no certainty... I really have to be honest and say that I was introduced to Channeling Erik a month after his disappearance because I was headed down a dark morbid path internally. Chaneling Erik helped me to get back to life so to speak.. So for that I am grateful as I may have never been introduced to this. Thank you for your time.
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