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Request for Erik to have contact with my sister and father

posted Nov 05, 2014 19:38:44 by Kimber
I would like to have contact with my sister, youngstown, ohio 42 the age of death in a very mysterious tragic manner. I still till this day do not know the truth of the tragedy and loss and it haunts me with questions day and night 7 years later. We had gone through hell and back and she has missed so much of my life and her daughters that it brings tears to my eyes daily. I need to get answers Erik about the truth. I don't know if it was suicide or murder. She was very much like you Erik and she was diagnosed bipolar and they tried to claim she took her own life, but she also had a very abusive boyfriend. I NEVER saw it coming and too many things don't add up. PLEASE. I NEED YOUR HELP AND I NEED ANSWERS. MY SOUL IS IN PAIN. My father (Youngstown,Ohio 82) left this earth two years after her death and I have had no contact with him as well. I pray for both of their peace and wonder if they have found each other and the peace they both deserved.
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