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IS and WW 3

posted Sep 24, 2014 13:49:25 by Mon
I've been very scared about the developments in the Eastern part of the world. From Ebola to IS.
Is it the transformation some people call the "Holy War"?
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momluvshilary said Dec 13, 2014 00:51:13
Hey this might not sound so spiritual but if you look at some you tube channels like "red pill revolution" " free radio revolution" " rigged reality" "the scariest movie ever" you will soon learn by studying that ebola hoax and is is- is all c I a psy ops to try to bring about the powers that he's "agendas" like gun control- civil unrest- things like that- don't let them take away your peace- you'll find by looking at all this in depth that really we are quite a peaceful ppl and all this drama is being facilitated- PROMISE ME you'll at least take a look at it- and I hope this helped - God be with you!!!!! It's all about the love!
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