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Thanks to Erik for the 'punking' & for showing up with Jamie & me

posted Sep 17, 2014 02:33:38 by KarinL.FulfordSmithson
I have only recently 'met' Jamie & Elisa through a mutual friend giving me Jamie's book. I went to one of her public channelings on my own quest to spiritual awakening after a loved one's suicide. Boy, did it happen!
After many amazing events, I looked deeper into Erik's world and have been visited by him when doing so. Not only did he 'freeze' his website on my screen, but when I watched his YouTube videos with Jamie later that evening, he 'punked' me by forwarding me to this crazyfunny cartoon porn site every time I tried to adjust the volume. It was hilarious.
I had a private reading with Jamie last week, and I asked him to be present - and he was :). Such a flirt. He gave me amazing advice, and I was so incredibly blessed by his words of wisdom and guidance for what I am going through personally. He was funny, yet brilliant - just what I needed. Between his insight and my family's, my life has been changed.
I am so very grateful that Erik is fulfilling his purpose on the Other Side. Source has given him such a beautiful gift and let him be exactly who he is. Elisa, my daughter's name is "Elise," so I have a connection to you already. I just finished your book while traveling and am transformed. I have a PhD in counseling and am publishing my own book next year with Penguin - and I am trying like the dickens to put as much spirituality in it as possible.

You have changed my life. Thank you Elisa, Jamie, & Erik for being exactly who you are. At the exact right time.

Irrevocably changed & inspired,
Atlanta, GA
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Sue DeSimone said May 06, 2015 11:57:18
That's wonderful, Karin. I look forward to a reading with Jamie soon! I can't wait. Erik is the BOMB. x
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