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List of celebrities I think would be interesting to channel

posted Jul 01, 2014 16:41:43 by JoWana
Here's a list I made of peeps who I would love to hear from :D

Alan Watts
Nikola Tesla
Terence McKenna
Bill Hicks
Hunter S. Thompson
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Ingo Swann
Aleister Crowley

Edit: I thought of a few more who could be interesting

Helen Keller
Hans Rudolf Giger (he died this year so it might be too soon)
Kurt Cobain
Bill Hicks (someone already mentioned him in the forum but I thought he'd be really fun so I put him on my list too)

Edit: adding yet more

Elisa Lam (the girl murdered in Cecil hotel)
Carl Jung

...the list has no particular order, any one of those would blow my mind!

I may add more as I think of them to avoid making a new topic for each one :D don't wanna be spammy.
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BeckyHumes said Jul 05, 2014 17:30:40
I would like to hear from:
Peaches Geldof
Paula Yates
Fred West
Marc Bolan
HeatherRoseMurphy said Dec 05, 2014 03:05:04
Double yes on Elisa Lam!! Most creepiest/bizarre case ever...and there's no way she got into that water tank by herself.

Also, he's probably on the list, but... Robin Williams <3
mireillebonhomme said Dec 16, 2014 18:22:29
I would also love to hear from Sid Vicious, Al Capone, Peter Sellers, Marie Curie, and Eleanor Roosevelt. :)
momluvshilary said Jan 09, 2015 05:32:37
OMG! Yes! Elisa lam!!!!! Yes yes yes- and as I've made request very loudly I'm sure MICHAEL JACKSON!!!! my daughter and I have had experiences that would make one think he were gone but MY GOODNESS THE INFO ON YOUTUBE POINTING TO HIME BEING ALIVE- check out this 1 min video- this is what made me start watching more!!! and my goodness a YouTube channel person named Lunajo67 who deserves an academy award for her work on her vids!!!!

Oh I would love for erik to interview

Much love!
mireillebonhomme said Jan 09, 2015 16:46:46
Michael Jackson (he's very much dead), Kurt Cobain and Robin Williams have already been channeled by Jamie with Elisa and Erik.
Liz Shoptaw-Faulling said Jan 19, 2015 14:33:05
Edgar Cayce! That would be fantastic!
Liz Shoptaw-Faulling said Jan 19, 2015 14:33:05
Edgar Cayce! That would be fantastic!
Joanna Koltunska said Jan 19, 2015 16:13:54
Please Please Please ask Erik to bring and channel Saint John Paul II (Jan Pawel II) I miss him and love him SO much. Oh dear, I have so many questions.
tonyaperkins2 said Mar 24, 2015 19:10:58
Please add Nostradamus and Da Vinci to the list
MichelleCapelle said Mar 24, 2015 21:51:49
I would like Sylvia Browne to be channeled-she is a power house of knowledge with years of research under her belt! She has lead the way for many of us to grow in our Spirtualty.
aaronrewired said Mar 29, 2015 02:34:49
Yes, Edgar Casey.
*wounded healer, reiki certified, laying-on-of-hands, medical stigmata, three nde's, professional musician, master electrician, computer technician, website developer, photographer, freemason,
jogumonanddaeji said Apr 09, 2015 05:51:12
Leonard Nimoy!! Please!! I don't know how many people know about his creative genius and his humanitarian approach to the arts. What does he think of the afterlife? Is he helping science and spirituality converge now that he is on the other side or is he just chilling? Did he say to himself upon his physical death, "no wonder I played Spock so well - I was a starseed on earth!"

Einstein again, pleeeeaaaase! Could you please ask Albert Einstein the following:
1. what does he think about Stephen Hawking's theory about aliens?
2. what does he think about the work being done by Naseem Haramein? Is he on track? Do you identify with him given that Naseem had a similar childhood as him?
3. what does he think about quantum entanglement now that he is on the other side? Can he tell us how it works?
4. are there exactly 266 basic/fundamental particles in this physical world as predicted by the priests of the Dogon tribe?
5. how does he feel about aliens?
6. did he meet Hitler on the other side? If so, what does he think of Hitler?
7. does he still think that creativity is the most important part of problem solving more so than knowledge?

Carl Sagan - does he still feel the same about aliens not having visited earth? Is he kicking himself now? Is he helping science and spirituality converge from the other side? Does he still have the same theories about Vitamin C?

Noam Chomsky - were you able to verify your theory on the Language Acquisition Device (LAD)? Is it related to alien manipulation of human DNA?

Freud - does he still believe in his theories or does he think back and wonder if he did too many acid trips? Does he look back and say, "yes, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar"?

Carl Jung - he was onto something with the mandalas and collective unconscious! What does he think of his theories in hindsight? Well, not hindsight since that infers linear time but what insights does he have from the other side, knowing what he knows from the other side?

Darwin - what does he think about evolution, knowing what he can and does know, from the other side? Does he think that his theories were misinterpreted or misapplied through the years? Does he believe in "survival of the fittest" or the modified current doctrine of "survival of the good enough"? What does he think about alien intervention in the evolution of human beings?

Jonbenet Ramsay - did someone kill you? Who? Is your earth mom bothering you on the other side?

Heather O'Rourke (from Poltergeist, the movie) - how accurate is the movie to the afterlife? Was the movie cursed and the cause of so many deaths?

HerminehAlexandrian said Apr 19, 2015 19:53:07
Please add the following people to your list of interviews.
1- Edgar Cayce
2- Tot-ankh-amon or ( Toth-ankh aton)
3-Cyrus the great (king of ancient Persia who had the humanitarian cylinder and set Jews free to their home land)
He has been channeled before and is said that he was not human but alien.
4- Nicola Tesla
5- Edison
6- King Cambysus The Cyrus son, he was suddenly disappeared for 8 years and God knows where he was (when Cyrus had sent him away from Persia - some say he was in Egypt and the same pharaohs who served Egypt a and created all those big monuments was the same Kind Cambysis but Egyptians say he was tirant and had gone insane for some time) but after that period when he was informed that king Cyrus had died and set out for Iran , he fell sick in Sinai desert and he and whole his army disappeared. In fact he is famous for this reason amongst historians and for many years all were claiming that an ancient army has been found either in Iraq - Ninveh or in Sinai. I would like above question be asked from him. And who was his real mother and real father?! most historians also say he did not like Persia because his real father was not Cyrus the great that is why Cyrus had kept him away for 8 years and where he disappeared that is a big question and it will answer lots of Egypt and Persia conflict in that era.
6- Abou Ali Sina ( Avicenna ) a strange physician/ philosopher/thinker/poet/chemist/astrologer/writer/mathematician Born: August 980 AD, Bukhara, Uzbekistan Died: June 1037, Hamedan, Iran , who knew how to treat even modern day diseases. He was constantly learning but strange thing is that he also had good knowledge of diseases and also about different food stuff properties right from childhood. Even as a child their home was filled with lines of patients.

thank you
aaronrewired said Apr 22, 2015 03:33:57
Please interview:

Carlos Castenada
Delores Cannon
Les Paul

*wounded healer, reiki certified, laying-on-of-hands, medical stigmata, three nde's, professional musician, master electrician, computer technician, website developer, photographer, freemason,
Liam Gray said Jun 22, 2015 13:12:32
Could you please Interview
Michael Hutchence (lead singer of INXS
Hillel Slovak ( early guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Ryan Dunn ( guy from Jackass)
Brian Jones ( guitarist and founding member of the Rolling Stones)

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