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I sent this to Elisa Medhus in hopes of educating people on...

posted Apr 09, 2014 00:09:27 by MichaelCummings
Erik is an awesome young man, even on the other-side. We all know that. However, from what I understand on what he preaches to do with mental health and/or illness, along with psychiatry and all that- I know from very intimate first hand experience as well as very thorough research that it's absolute horse shit, excuse my "Erik". So, please, remember and remind your audience he is flawed as a regular human being who admittedly will come back to learn his lessons here, and actually did not overcome his challenges in his life to do that. I know if I had known what I know now and shared it with him during his life, and he truly utilized that knowledge appropriately, that he would be alive today. I went through a suicide attempt, and it is realistic to say that I may have died as opposed to getting overall better (not just recovered, but beyond to greater health, happiness, functioning, social-networking, etc.) afterward if it were not for my alternative approach to "mental health". Please consider all this- and ask all questions that may arise.

With Love,

These is just a google image search for anti psychiatry. There's also significant supporting evidence for many others approahces to "mental health" that are safer and more effective for the whole person and their life short and long term. Alternatives are out there. "Seek and ye shall find". And, again- if this interests you please contact me.
my email is:

This is not extremist as it may seem at first glance. It's more like adressing a serious issue that is without question corrupt and harmful. There is a better way...
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danMILLS said Apr 25, 2014 13:39:55
It's good to keep a level head like you are doing, but also you forget about one thing. This new phrase I am learning about called a spiritual contract.

If spiritual contracts are real, and Erik says that his contract was successful and his time was up. He says that in his case it was very specific to him. Maybe it was needed so family and friends could learn lessons. I'm not saying that this is fact, as I have no idea, but it makes sense if you include all this crossing over stuff.

Look what has happened since then... A huge ripple effect that caused his Mom to create all of this. It is still going on. All because of a contract.

At the present time I am trying to learn more about these so called contracts(if they even exist). I want to know if you can break them, or add new ones etc..

In saying this, I have no idea what is truth at the moment, so to keep a level head is best like you said Michael.
DeborahUnderwood said Jun 21, 2014 15:07:49
Every spiritual/metaphysical book I have ever read describes these spiritual contracts. We set up these contracts and the specific challenges that we want to deal with in any given lifetime, before we come in! We cannot judge anyone for their choices based on our very limited understanding here in the physical realm. Things are not as they seem.
MichelleBuchheit-Schill said Aug 23, 2014 05:48:30
I have lost trust and respect for the psychiatric community. Instead of helping they destroyed. After seeing what they did to me, my oldest son would not get help and we did not know what to do and I ended up losing him to suicide. I have never heard about this anti-psychiatry movement. Would love to know more. I clicked on the link but got so much info I was overwhelmed. I will definitely look into this later. Wish I had seen this post before May 11.
Bic Bradley said Jun 02, 2015 18:51:58
I am a Vietnam veteran who has lived with PTSD for 43 years. I have probably been suicidal for most of that time. The two things that have kept me from doing it are the knowledge of what that would do to my family and the realization that I have a "spiritual contract" and lessons yet to learn. As a young child I knew that I had been here before, even before I knew what reincarnation was. At times life is difficult for every human. At times it seems as if we can't take one more step. And then, somehow, inexplicably we do. If I had not realized very early in life that I was here for a reason and had lessons to learn I would have been off of the Big Blue Ball long, long ago. I believe that dealing with PTSD is why I'm here, and I'm not about to screw things up by leaving the big show too early. I'm not going through this crap again.
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