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Afterlife search to cost $millions

posted Aug 16, 2012 12:35:59 by Mike_Hulse
UCR takes on $5 million search for afterlife

Me thinks he could save himself a lot of time and money and spend a couple of weeks with some on here like Patrick, Jason and Jamie in channeling sessions to find out everything he needs to know.
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Judith said Mar 07, 2014 18:35:23
Wow! That IS a lot of money! At least they'll be sponsoring two international conferences, which should draw a number of people with extensive backgrounds in afterlife work. They also will (now, I guess ARE) pay/paying various staff who will be conducting research. It reminds me of political organizations, especially progressive ones, since I'm a "progressive." I get oodles of emails from all kinds of organizations, and I think to myself "If only they'd get together and where there is so much overlap, work together and stop wasting time and money!" Same thing with research into the afterlife. A lot of people are essentially "reinventing the wheel" over and over.
WallaceBrown said Oct 09, 2014 20:59:37
I can think of heaps of other areas where $5 million would work better. (I.e. the sick, poor and hungry). What a sheer waste of financial resources...and I'm sure those in the afterlife are with me on this.
domooox3 said Oct 25, 2014 03:00:43
Yes I think it is a lot but nothing in this world is free ..and yes you are right they could be feeding people with that money but I guess curiousity is kill them ....Erik confirmes that there is a after death so what would be the point of making sure of this I'm preety sure we all end up in one direction...
I have lots of thoughts about there being another world hmm what makes us think that we are the only ones in this galaxy ...As for life after death well let say I seen certain stuff that makes me believe there is one .....
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