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Introduce yourself

posted Dec 02, 2010 20:26:51 by Jason
I know many who come to this web site are on a deeply personal and private Spiritual journey. And in this day and age we have to be very careful to manage our online identities. But as time passes and we heal. Hopefully we can get to know each other a little better. That's what this thread is about. To share as little or as much as you wish about yourself.
"It is not the shape of the clouds that give meaning,
but the meaning we give their shape that matters" --a message from 'Charlie' a disincarnate teacher.
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Jason said Dec 02, 2010 20:28:45
Hi, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Jason.
I am just a guy trying to make sense of the world around me and what it all means. I've lived in the same Midwestern U.S. town, for almost 2 decades. I am originally from the western U.S. All my life I've experienced, what I feel to be events related to the so called "paranormal". Over time, over several residences I have had experiences that have snowballed into spiritual crisis or awakenings. I set out on a personal journey of investigation and research to try and figure out how to deal with my life and it's "paranormal" experiences. I am a normal guy, with a normal loving family, normal job, educated. Kind of a liberal with an old fashioned "American" way of life. A healthy outlook on life.

Being raised an evangelical Christian did not prepare me nor give satisfaction in my quest for knowledge. Delving into the sciences and my educational background offered no help. Exploring my family history and our mental health offered only uncertain explanations that were unsatisfactory. So I set out on a great Spiritual journey. I became a student of comparative religion. A student and amateur researcher into all things paranormal. I am very well read in most academic subjects and so thus I started out a deep skeptic. Perhaps because of that; At the time- in the beginning I had a very jaded view of all things "religion".

As time went on, over the past year as my 'education' in these field's moved further along; My experiences stated exponentially increasing. My awareness of "other" becoming more acute. Until one day all the pieces started connecting. After seeking confirmation of what I'd been experiencing,-- I formally met my Guides, Angels, and loved ones and relatives who had moved beyond this life. Since that time, I've not looked back.

Now- Today, I consider myself a Spiritualist, with a broad spiritual world view. I've been exploring what it means to experience mediumship. Mental and physical; and how to apply it to my life for further Spiritual development. I maintain an online private site which is comprised of 2 journals and pages for gathering links and notes. I call the site, "The Shape of a Cloud."

I've been on a journey that has had many ups and downs. Over the course of which belief, faith, values and understanding has altered my perspective. Currently I subscribe to Metaphysical and Spiritualistic beliefs as it pertains to the Universe, the afterlife, and Spiritual communications. I believe that all of these interweave nicely with quantum physics. And I believe that we create our own realities through belief, intent, and practice. Thought=energy=reality. Subjective perspective correlates directly to objective reality. Thus, everyone's view point is valid and there is no right or wrong. It is not my place to change anyone's beliefs, nor confirm nor convince anyone of any so called truth. All I can do is present reality as I personally see it, and let the chips fall where they may.

*On the nature of my 'communications'. ~ I used to say, Either it is all in my head-crazy talk; or I am misguided; or I am making it all up; OR, it's real.....Now I have just surrendered to the fact that I am on a Spiritual journey. Trying to figure it out and my place in it all is what it is about.

I believe I am what is a so called a 'medium'. Although, I hate the term psychic and channel. To me they are loosey goosey blanket terms that have many meanings to different people. I do not have any special knowledge. I do not know the future, nor do I desire to. I can not advise you on if you should do this or that. Nor will I. I do not use cards, nor boards, nor any special tools. What I believe I do is: Telepathically talk to guides, angels, and spirits. Receive from them speech or moving vivid color waking visions. Many times the images are highly symbolic. Other times it is real time thought projections from the spirit. As well I frequently experience their emotions and visually see their energy manifestations as well as physically sense and feel their touch and energy with my body. I have also either seen or heard other physical manifestations.

*Who do I talk to? ~ I believe I currently have an unknown group of Angels; 4 guides; selected departed friends and relatives; a platonic soulmate and his spouse; and a few high level Spiritual Teachers. These are "dis-incarnate beings. I also have a Spiritual family of incarnate souls here on Earth that help me. Many of whom I reconnected with online.

*What do we talk about? ~ Test the Spirits! You will know spirits by content of communications. My guides, Angels, and Teachers will almost never talk about anything other than Spiritual matters and how to get closer to the God Source/Light. (although they do have great senses of humor) It's my belief at the moment that Other Spirits should NEVER tell you anything negative, detrimental, or outside of LOVE. If they do.... you-I-We should not be talking to them! Like attracts like. Keep your moral compass, spirituality, and energy vibrations up, trust and have faith in the light and your guides and Angels and you will have nothing to worry about. I know this conflicts with a lot of fundamentalist beliefs of all types, but I am just presenting it, how I see things. I am quite new to all this. This year in fact so I am trying my best to take things one step at a time and do right by myself and others. Thanks to you all! Love and Light.
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"It is not the shape of the clouds that give meaning,
but the meaning we give their shape that matters" --a message from 'Charlie' a disincarnate teacher.
elisa said Dec 03, 2010 15:51:06
I'm a mother of five, a doctor, and a woman struggling to make sense of life without my son. I'm clumsy. I trip over everything, pull on doors when I should push, then push on the wrong side after that. I am also a bit of a slob in that I don't get my nails done, I color my own roots, I wear costume jewelry if anything, and my wardrobe is from Academy and Target.

I am extremely sappy and affectionate with my friends and family, and sometimes this is quite annoying to my kids. I love hugging and kissing them, holding them in my lap, etc. Teenagers don't really like this, I'm discovering. Oh well. It's my job as a mom to annoy.

I love nature: mountains, forests, beaches. I love exploring the unexplored in every way: geographically, intellectually, etc. I also like exploring my own limits. I ride motorcycles (yes I have a license) I learned how to fly (my husband was my flight instructor; we've been married 27 years.) I snow ski, cross country ski, wake board, SCUBA dive, horseback ride, but clumsily and not well.

So much more, but now I want to hear about YOU!!
TheyCallMeKate said Dec 03, 2010 17:25:51
I'm Kate. KateC on the blog.

Mid thirties- married for 11 years- two kids, 7 and 4- girl, then boy. One met Jesus when she was 15 months old (we hadn't taught her about him- we weren't at that stage), and told us about it right before she turned 2- she fell off of a chair and knocked herself unconscious for a minute or so. She's a very verbal child and at two told us about the time she fell, and Jesus 'Hold me and rock me in his arm.' In the year preceding turning two, she'd ask us 'Uh Jesus? Out dere?" I think she's an old soul- many have used those exact terms to describe her.

My son had several complex issues at his birth. He too has some spirits that surround him.

We have all had different things happen that we've rationalized away. I think I've passed the rationalization stage and am on to the 'Ok, what do we do now?' part. But, I still have this fear that if I pursue it, the fundamentalists are right and I'll go straight to hell. :) I say that half jokingly.

I love the outdoors- we used to backpack a ton and even took our honeymoon in Peru, South America.

Recently, I started running and have completed my first marathon.

Nice to meet you all! I'm sure we'll learn more as we go.

GeorgeNorton said Dec 03, 2010 19:00:19
I'm George, GeorgeNorton on the blog. I've been reading the Channeling Erik blog daily since the first Huffington Post Article. I'm 61 and have a lifelong memory from just before my birth, being surrounded by several others, I said to myself "Maybe this time!" as I leaned forward and dove head first into what felt like a tunnel, and then I was here.

I have one other early memory when I was about 5 of being visited by a spiritual being that looked kind of like a small fog cloud while I was alone in our basement, playing. I saw the "fog" to my right, just inside my peripheral vision. I said out loud, I don't know who you are, but you're scaring me. I never experienced a vision like that again, so I guess the spirit stayed out of my sight.

I've been interested in spiritual/physic/paranormal topics since I was about 9. While my religous upbringing was through the United Church of Christ, I've always felt the message was incomplete. It was a gut feeling, and when I read about reincarnation, it felt true to me.

My brother-in-law committed suicide in 1984 when he was about 26 (he lived with us at the time) and my nephew committed suicide around 1985 when he was 15. Elisa, Ive found your writing to be helpful and on target with my experiences and I'm really excited about what you and Erik are doing.

Jason, I enjoy your additions to the discussion and I'm starting to work on opening myself up for experiences (since I shut down the overt experiences at the wise old age of 5). I've come to the believe the pre-birth thought about "maybe this time" was primarily to overcome fear in this lifetime!

I'm a business consultant and training professional who has worked for some pretty large corporations during my career before starting my own consultancy 10 years ago. I lived in Connecticut until moving to Central Florida 2 years ago.

I feel like the channeling Eric is an extended family and enjoyd to being part of this group.

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AngelBird said Dec 03, 2010 19:24:17
Hi everyone, Im also known as Be Free My Angel. Im a single mom of four children. My middle child recently passed over and this has been a rough thing to accept. I don't put out many identifiying things about myself or my kids due to domestic violence issue, but recently I have been reaching for support and this has forced me to put myself out there. So don't take it personally please if I don't want to give personal information about myself or my family, such as names, phone numbers, etc.

I grew up with a mother and father who raised me mostly on the spiritualist side of things, however we were Jewish, my grandmother read palms and had openenly talked to me about the "spirit world", God and Judasim was represented as a historical view not a be all end all. When I asked my parents who this Jesus guy was at first their aproach was as any jew would...well my jewish parents did anyways, mabe not any jew, he was just a guy. The more I learned from outside sources the more questions I asked the more they opened up that they viewed Jesus and Buddah as "very spiritual people who made a mark in history". Iam a firm believer that Jesus was not just a highly evolved spiritual being but that he really was here for a very specific reason, however I don't hold every part of Christianity near and dear to my heart but I do feel it gives me the best way to identify with religion and spiritual practices. I can meditate for hours, and I can go within and I can see past life regressions through meditation, but there is nothing like singing a praise song in church, being part of a group of people who go about their life from their heart. They want to give and be of service to others. It's hard for me to see a line of seperation as heaven, hell, christian vs spiritualist. I believe in the love, life and promise of God and Jesus, and praise that holy connection, yet I also am truly firmly rooted in spiritualist beliefes too. Soooo here I am on my journey....knowing that I found a great church with wonderful people, but not all Christian churches are like my church, so I am continually searching for my place in this world. I do not believe in Satan, I believe in negative energy and believe that nature and nurture play a huge role in how and why certain people do things. I also believe that there are some things that are past life issues and that like any addict knows temptations are very organic in nature but they effect your spiritual self.

I was a fashion design major at FIT, in my last two months of school I wanted to change my major to buying and merchandising, but I fell in love instead. I married my highschool sweetheart, we had a daughter and then I realized he was not the right guy for me. Long story short another marriage and three more kids later..... Im feeling really old, really really old. Im artsy fartsy, but love science, I just can't seem to remember it !!!!! The one thing that I am absolutely sure of in my life is that I want to raise happy healthy children♥♥♥
“There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power. They speak more eloquently than ten thousand tongues. They are messengers of overwhelming grief...and unspeakable love.”
Washington Irving
Steve said Dec 03, 2010 20:32:38
Hi, I'm Steve

Mid 40s, software professional, single gay man living in Hotlanta, Ga.

I grew up Roman Catholic but quit confirmation in high school as I found the whole religious concept silly and distracting from my academic pursuits.

I'm the oldest of four boys, I grew up in coastal New Hampshire, my mom is deceased and my dad lives in South Carolina.

I've always been fascinated by the occult, New Age topics, and the paranormal. I have a scientifically oriented mind so my challenge has been to accept the vagueness of spirituality as my logic mind always wants facts and proof!

I've had a few subtle paranormal experiences but nothing earth shattering or concrete enough for me to say, "YES, there is an afterlife." However, through the help of Jamie (medium), and past life hypnosis, I've broken through to finally accept that yes, there is more to our 3-d reality than we currently perceive.

I truly believe that the other side is "home," and we're here to grow and experience duality. I believe that the body and brain can disguise truly wonderful loving souls at times, so I am more tolerant of people who seem negative or disturbed. I get that we are all on a path of growth, we are learning different lessons, and that everything is relative. What might seem wrong or bad now may be part of a bigger plan.

I'm so grateful to have found everyone here on this forum. I don't really have people to discuss my beliefs or spiritual curiousity with except for here and a very small number of friends.

And, I think Erik sent some nasty smells yesterday. Twice, in my house, I was encountering foul smells that would come and go, for no reason. Was it Erik? Or does my dog have gas? LOL

Great to meet y'all.
elisa said Dec 03, 2010 20:34:36
I'm so glad we're doing this! We're getting to know each other so much better. It makes me feel even closer to you all!!
Dina H said Dec 03, 2010 23:58:47
I’m Dina, and I’ve never been great at these “tell your life story threads,” but I’ll give it a go.
I grew up near San Diego California and, three years ago, moved to the bay area. I was raised with some spiritual awareness, but it wasn’t a huge part of my life. As for organized religion, I’ve had more bad experience with that than good, and have really come to despise it. Five years ago my best friend decided to “get saved,” and that pretty much tore us apart. Also it’s a little more than annoying when zealots on the street insist on touching my eyes and praying. I’ve been mistaken for an atheist before. This isn’t the case. It isn’t God I have issues with, but some of his/her/its followers tend to really piss me off.
I had a few paranormal experiences here and there throughout my childhood. When I moved up here they started happening more and more frequently. Now it’s odd if I don’t feel someone standing near me at least twice a week. I’ve never really been a skeptic, but there are some things I don’t buy into. For instance, I don’t at all buy into the overabundance of “haunted” stories on TV, mainly because almost nothing on TV’s really “real” anymore. What I do buy into is the old saying, “Anything’s possible.” Whether or not the “ten percent of our brain” myth is indeed a myth, I do believe that we have a lot of untapped potential. I also believe that the truth is simultaneously “out there,” and inside each one of us. Usually though, I’m too busy wallowing in mundanity to search it out.
So what’s my deal anyway? In a nutshell I’m a blind person who wants to work with deaf/deaf-blind people, but that’s its own story. I can see light and color, but that’s about it. Meaning, I can pick out blue sky, green grass, grayish buildings, but if someone stands in front of me I’d only be able to make out a human-shaped blob wrapped in the color of whatever shirt they’re wearing. I also have something called, (forgive me if I murder the spelling), synesthesia. For those of you who don’t know what that is, no worries. I didn’t even learn the word until a few years ago. It’s basically what happens when your senses get their wires crossed. So you end up hearing what you smell and seeing what you taste. I have the kind where you see what you hear. So any sound comes through as color. Even smells and textures have visual quality. (Lately I’ve wondered what color the nasty-sock aroma would be). Many people mistake this weirdness for an ability to read auras. That’s not true. I can’t read anything unless my screen-reader or scanner tells me what it is. And chances are I wouldn’t know your aura from earwax unless you pointed out the difference. I don’t know what the condition means for me in a spiritual context. I just like being able to tell people what color their names and voices are. (Erik’s name is purple by the way).
So how’d I end up here? I’ll go ahead and toot his horn. A member named Stanley led me here, although he doesn’t know this. If you’re still reading, thanks a million. You’re the man, Stan. I asked Erik a question in May and have been visiting the blog almost every day since then. As for what I’m doing and where I’m going on this journey? I have no idea. I’m just glad this blog exists. That’s my story.
PatrickDeHaan said Dec 04, 2010 03:14:21
Patrick here. I read faithfully and as often as practicable but comment little, but not about myself unless asked. I don't like to seek attention. I'm in Houston so Elisa is my "neighbor". Watch out for my book, "The Amendment" as soon as I find a willing literary agent! The picture is from the summer of 1965, my father, brothers and me.
elisa said Dec 04, 2010 06:02:24
Ooo,Patrick, tell me more about your book!
elisa said Dec 04, 2010 06:06:26
Dina, you and I share so many of the same philosophies about organized religion, spirituality, zealots, and even ourselves. It's uncanny. Maybe we were sisters in a previous life? I've always been glad you're here, that's all.
Dina H said Dec 04, 2010 06:58:45
lol Elisa, maybe we were. What you said about your Target wardrobe made me wonder the same thing.
I remember when I first found the blog and learned Erik and I are the same age. I kept thinking how circumstances could’ve been such that we’d have gone to the same school or something. I wonder if we’d have been friends.
PatrickDeHaan said Dec 04, 2010 15:49:33
Elisa & y'all: (said a lot in Texas) Strictly speaking, my book "The Amendment" is fiction on the fiction/non-fiction scale, however there are large components of reality. It tells the story of a 38 year young single career woman (Kathryn Miller) who is sent by the Treasury Dept to be a key executive at Consolidated Indemnity Group (CIG) this is AIG in fact. She hires her younger brother, who's living in the suburbs with his girlfriend, as a consultant. They uncover a big problem with foreign currency accounting, which sets off a scandal that reaches the top of the administration in Washington DC and brings it down. In Part 2 Kathryn is a housewife & mother back in her Ohio hometown. Her mother has passed away; retired father lives nearby and her husband works for GM which has moved both its legal domicile and principal manufacturing to the Republic of Texas after being bought out from under the Federal Treasury Reserve by foreign investors. A vicious terrorist attack occurs in the midst of the darkest economic moments of the nation just before Christmas, directly because of the economic stress the nation has put itself under. Mrs. President of the upper 47+2 states visits to work over trade and border issues. The themes touched upon are government intrusion into private business, career ambition over family, religious dogma, government "solutions" and arrogance, attitudes towards race, terrorism, press control and censorship, family structures and the perceived loss of loved ones and communication with them. Throughout the first part of the book, several chapters stop to briefly examine and question society, before resuming the story. The book is not set in any specific time period but elements of current events are found throughout. It's a personal story above all, which is all of what our existence is; we hear about a "company" or "government" but those entities are nothing more or less than groups of us; PEOPLE, each with a story, a path and a contribution. "The Amendment" tells just such a personal story.

My next book is in the works now but it's not in English (gulp! ) and I'm in the middle of a search for a literary agent for "The Amendment" - I get the impression publishers want guaranteed hits (no surprise there) which means perceived popularity. Nowadays that means the memoir of an idolized/hated political figure, vampires, scandals, partisan scorchers and such. This book is not like anything that's been popular recently; We The People will read it and look inside ourselves - individually and collectively - and see things not as apparent before we took that look.

I'm not a writer, but after the publication of my writings, I guess there's no escape. I like to do it, and would full time. I'm both experienced and bored in my "career" so this new phase can't get here fast enough.

elisa said Dec 04, 2010 16:00:29
Why not give my literary agent an email? "Rita Rosenkranz" <>

It sounds like an amazing book!
elisa said Dec 04, 2010 16:01:19
Dina, I bet you and Erik would have been friends. Wait, you ARE friends with him now, aren't you? Death is no barrier to love or friendship.
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